Calculus Course

Grade 12 Calculus Course


Calculus is introduced in Grade 12 and forms an important foundation for post-matric maths. The course covers every topic in the CAPS curriculum and reinforces classroom lessons. 

The engaging video lessons are delivered in a way that helps learners understand what was covered in the classroom at school by watching the videos at their own pace. The lessons help when preparing for class assessments and exams and they also provide important hints on exam technique.

The Grade 12 Calculus course follows a structured learning path and covers the CAPS aligned curriculum over three weeks. The content for each week comprises video lessons, a worksheet, worked solutions and tutor support.

Course breakdown

Lesson 1 – Gradient of a Curve between Two points and at a Point 

Lesson 2 – Differentiation using First Principles

Lesson 3 – Rules for Differentiation 

Lesson 4 – More Examples involving gradients and differentiation 

Lesson 5 – Third Degree Function – intercepts and stationary points 

Lesson 6 – Sketch Graphs of Third-Degree Functions

Lesson 7 – Finding the equation of a Third-Degree Function 

Lesson 8 – Maxima and Minima 

Lesson 9 – Rate of Change

How will this help me?

The programme can be accessed at any time.

Flexibility to work from the comfort of your home.

Progress at your own pace.

Video lessons help when preparing for tests and exams.

In addition to this, the course contains questions on all the sections in the syllabus as well as worked solutions. These are available as worksheets and exam question papers. There is also a lesson explaining the exam technique and how to approach the exam questions. 

Course Details

      Course:                 Grade 12 Calculus

      Registration:       Anytime

      Duration:             3 weeks

      Weekly Effort:     4 hours


      R99 – monthly subscription 

                cancel anytime


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