Geometry forms an important part of the Mathematics Curriculum all the way to Grade 12. It is extremely important to get a proper understanding of the principles and concepts that form the foundation of the FET phase (Grade 10 to Grade 12).

The Geometry Course covers Euclidean Geometry. This course consists of video lessons of the entire Grade 10 Euclidean Geometry syllabus and is aligned with the CAPS curriculum. The course follows a structured learning path and you will be guided through the course over the entire four weeks which will entail watching videos of each topic, completing activity worksheets and working through the solutions by comparing your answers to the worked solutions.

The video lessons are presented by expert teachers who will not only explain the concepts of each lesson, but will also give you insights of where the topic is relevant in Grade 11 and Grade 12, common errors that learners make and what to expect in the examinations. While working through the course learners can pause or replay videos to reinforce their understanding and can always access the videos at some future date if necessary. This is especially helpful for this course on Geometry as it is vital to have a solid foundation to cope in Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Some of the important sections covered include:

  • Revision of concepts relating to congruent triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Theorems involving quadrilaterals and parallelograms
  • The midpoint theorem
  • Application of theorems to solve geometric problems
  • Measurement involving application of volume and surface area formulae

In addition to the lessons, the weekly activity worksheets will ensure regular practice to help you build your confidence and there will also be regular quizzes to monitor your progress and measure your improvement. 

Course breakdown

Lesson 1 – Congruent Triangles

Lesson 2 – Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms – Theorems

Lesson 3 – Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms – Problem solving and riders

Lesson 4 – The Midpoint Theorem

Lesson 5 – Euclidean Geometry Mixed Questions

Lesson 6 A – Measurement: Volume and Surface Area – Formulae

Lesson 6 B – Measurement: Volume and Surface Area – Calculations

How will this help me?

The nature of maths is that new concepts are built on prior concepts and if prior concepts are not mastered it will be difficult to understand new concepts. This is the reason why many learners struggle with maths. Our course has been designed with video lessons following the Grade 10 Euclidian Geometry syllabus (including measurement) from the beginning to the end, in the right sequence, to help you understand concepts as they develop. At the end of the course you will have a thorough understanding of Geometry and your marks will improve.

Course Details

      Course:                Grade 10 Geometry
      Registration:       Anytime
      Duration:              4 weeks online
      Weekly Effort:     4 hours

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