Grade 10 Examination Preparation

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Get access to all the math courses for Grade 10. Exam papers and solutions included!


This course focuses on all the critical aspects of Course 1 to Course 5 (entire syllabus) and reinforces the concepts and principles, ensuring a good understanding and solid foundation in Maths. This is an intensive revision course that covers most questions and answers. It also focuses on exam techniques explaining how to approach questions and how to get maximum marks, typical mistakes that learners make and how to avoid these.

The course consists of video lessons presented by a highly experienced expert teacher revising the important topics that were covered in each of the five courses and also working through and carefully explaining typical exam-type questions. There are also activity worksheets and exam papers to be completed as self-study and the solutions are also available by way of video-based explanations. Learners should ideally enrol for this course after completing all the five courses or alternatively certain courses that may be necessary. Course 6 will reinforce the concepts covered in the entire Grade 10 or Grade 11 syllabus, and ensure that learners improve their Maths marks significantly and perform exceptionally well in the exams.

The course follows a structured learning path with lessons following a logical sequence. Learners can at any stage ask questions by using a text chat tool and receive an answer within a specific time frame. In addition to this, learners can also request access to a tutor on a one-on-one basis if so required. A unique advantage is that learners can pause or replay the videos to ensure they fully understand the concepts taught and they can access the video lessons and solutions whenever needed from wherever they are as long as they are enrolled. The lessons and worksheets can be accessed by using a PC, Laptop, iPad or smartphone.