Mathematics success story – Caleb

Mathematics success story

To Paul Yon and Expert Tuition

My experience with Expert Tuition was excellent. Paul Yon is an outstanding tutor who was very knowledgeable and really helped me understand and grasp mathematical concepts, problem solving and analytical skills in Maths in a way I could never achieve before. I was referred to Paul due to my unsatisfactory marks from Grade 11 going into matric. I never enjoyed doing maths and felt as if no matter how hard I worked my mark wouldn’t change and I even thought of dropping maths that was until I joined Expert Tuition. 

Paul Yon is very enthusiastic tutor and throughout the Covid-19 epidemic and disruptions in school, he kept me motivated to continuously learn through the lessons. He always started with the basics and helped me establish a good foundation before building up to more complex questions. He was always available to help in questions I didn’t understand or correct me where I was wrong.  

Since joining Expert Tuition my attitude towards maths changed as I started to broaden my understanding and develop the confidence to tackle difficult problems with ease.  I believe that this tuition is ideal to any leaner no matter how good or bad, it will benefit you.

Expert Tuition was really systematic and well-structured into courses that contained videos and worksheets.  The videos were very helpful and the explanations were very informative and I could always rewind/pause and go back until I understood clearly.  The tutors are always available when you needed them with difficult maths problems from homework or past exam papers, and they continually followed up with progress of lessons and different courses. The courses were such a big help to me and I saw the reflection in my test marks, which increased by 10%. The worksheets that are available after the videos were extremely helpful as they reinforce what I learnt and gave me an indication of  what I understood in the section or should to re-watch or focus on as well as and possible test and exam questions.

Paul Yon is very enthusiastic with excellent communication skills, he has always been available for me and always makes my questions his priority and always tries his best to make me understand. I would recommend anyone who is struggling in maths or not seeing the marks they want in Maths  to join Expert Tuition as it will help you and it is very cost effective

Thank you Expert Tuition for the impact you have had on me during this very stressful year 

From: Caleb Ramruthan 

Gr 12 Leaner in Northwood High school