Exam Preparation Course

Exam Preparation Course

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Includes all the single courses for your garde with exam papers and solutions.


These courses cover every section of the entire CAPS curriculum for Grade 10, 11 and 12. The design of this course is to help the learner prepare for the final examination.

This course consists of video lessons, presented by experienced expert teachers, covering every topic of every section of the CAPS curriculum as set out by the Department of Basic Education.

In addition, this course provides access to a number of mock exam question papers in the form of Paper 1 and Paper 2, where each paper examines sections as prescribed by the Department of Basic Education. The question papers comprise questions that are very similar to what will be examined at the end of the year as set by schools and by the Department of Basic Education and they provide excellent practice when preparing for the examinations.

Every topic in every section is delivered by video lessons and there are a number of mock examination papers with solutions that follow the same format as the examination papers that are set at the end of the year – in other words each Paper 1 and Paper 2 include sections that are prescribed by the Department of Education.

The Exam Preparation Course is designed to help learners in Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 revise everything that was covered during the year and help them build confidence and excel in the exams.

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Analytical Geometry

Calculus (Only Grade 12)

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 Exam Preparation Course Grade 10, 11 & 12

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“Thank you for giving Ntsako the opportunity to study in your program. It has helped him tremendously and boosted his courage in tackling mathematics. From the few interactions with you I have learned that you are a dedicated teacher and great mentor, that is what Ntsako needed for this subject. Your constant feedback and follow up on both Ntsako and me is yielding good results. I truly trust that you keep up the great work you are doing to instil independent thinking to our children.”


“Many thanks for the well-presented content for Algebra Grade 11. My son has gained a much better understanding of the subject and it has boosted his confidence tremendously. The workflow is at a comfortable pace.”


“My son, Caleb has seen a tremendous improvement in Mathematics since joining Expert Tuition. After trying out numerous tuitions and private tutors, Caleb has finally found the ideal learning platform that combines individual level attention and online learning.  All lessons provided online is done at his level of understanding and further developed to more complex examples thereafter. All lessons were followed up daily and any difficult concepts were explained in detail. The course provides an excellent framework of lessons, work sheets and past paper exams that are preparing him for his final matric exams. Caleb’s attention to detail, problem solving and critical thinking skill has greatly improved since he joined Expert math’s tuition. Allowing him to take on complex math’s questions that originally was difficult to understand.

Caleb joined Expert Tuition through referral, he opted to try the free course and found the method of teaching to be very effective. He is now on his 7th course and is able to keep up to the teachings at matric-level in school. I am so thankful for the personal input that the tutor gave my son.

The best part of Expert Tuition for me, is that it’s so cost effective, especially for a single income parent.

Thank you so much,”

Sandy Ramruthan

See feedback from Caleb

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